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Retired and Active: A Positive Lifestyle after 55 by Claire Adams

 A Positive Lifestyle After 55

When it comes to retirement and the clichés surrounding it, we are nothing like our preceding generations. Most of us are driven by curiosity, thrive on challenge, and are eager to keep advancing, no matter the gray hair or the fine lines. Choosing to let go of so many stereotypes surrounding the life of a single woman, let alone one in her silver years, has been quite a journey, but we have finally come to somewhat of an existential peak.

For all the single, silver ladies out there, in case you are wondering how you can add more substance to this new beginning of your life, let the following serve as your inspiration to strive for a more positive lifestyle!

Get your creative juices flowing

This is the perfect moment in your life to start exploring all those interests that you never had the time for during your career-building years. Even if your job has been the greatest passion of your life, there are certainly other activities that tickle your brain and keep you engaged.

Whether it’s jigsaw puzzles, taking up tango lessons, or starting your own yoga class, it’s time to leave your comfort zone and jump into new experiences that will further give meaning to your life. As this 2016 survey concluded, as many as ten activities can keep women happy in their later years, so you needn’t be stingy if you feel inspired!

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Ensure regular activity

In addition to the mental stimulation and diversity you’ll benefit from, taking up a physical activity to finally ditch the sedentary lifestyle is another key to building and retaining a more optimistic attitude. And since 75% of ladies in England, for instance, truly wish to be more active, one could say that this is your golden opportunity to aim for your goals.

Physical activity such as tennis is essential in maintaining our physical and mental abilities, independence, and confidence. It’s so much more than a prescribed healthy habit – it’s a road to fulfillment and growth.

Mind your mindset

Planning plays a key role in ensuring you enjoy a diverse, engaging retirement. If you are single, it adds an extra layer of necessity to make plans for the future and ensure your own financial and medical needs are met. To that end, where and with whom you choose to spend your silver years will have a profound effect on the quality of your life.

Aussie ladies have started flocking to communities such as the retirement village near the Central Coast, where the array of activities, sports, and entertainment completely redefines the idea of retirement. Other countries are also striving to build a similar model of housing options, in-home care services, and retirement villages, all entirely based on independence, socializing, and support. All that’s left for you is to take your pick and plan your budget for the upcoming years of retirement!

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Keep growing

Wherever you choose to live and greet your old age, stagnation should not be an option. This is a time when you can truly commit to your dreams, but also make a vast difference in your community. Getting a part-time job is an excellent way to expand your knowledge, while volunteering and donating your skills, time, and effort will enrich your life as well as the lives of those in your care.

Allow yourself the freedom to explore all possibilities that once felt so distant for the simple lack of time. Now you can finally kickstart a new project, pick up the painting brush again, or mentor someone in your neighborhood – you never know, maybe your own story will inspire another young person to devote their lives to a noble cause.

Live, love, laugh

The simple truth is that there is no templated retirement solution that will fit us all. How you use the gift of your silver time is entirely up to you, but building a positive mindset based on growth is not nearly as complex as it may seem. Greet your silver challenges with a smile and a curious mind, and your single self will flourish!

Author’s bio:
Claire is a personal and professional development expert who believes that a positive attitude is one of the keys to success. You can find her online writing and giving tips about positive lifestyle at Find Claire on Facebook and Twitter

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