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Jan presenting for AARP in Dublin, Ohio (Sept. 2013)



Five Fabulous Functional Foods

We know we have to eat to live – food provides the building blocks to grow and repair our bodies, and we need food to produce energy to run vital processes.  Beyond those basic needs, though, is the concept of “functional foods” – foods that might “provide benefits beyond basic nutrition” according to research and the International Food Information Council.  What are some examples of these “functional foods” and what can they do for us?

    ·      Blueberries
    ·      Walnuts
    ·      Broccoli
    ·      Legumes
    ·      Avocado

So, there you have it – five fabulous functional foods that not only provide nutrition, but can actually improve our health.

Batter Up and the Power of Facebook

Many people look forward to retirement as a way to deepen or renew old connections.  I want to share a short story about how that recently happened to me.  The first several years after graduating from college, I taught Biology at a high school in Maryland, and I coached the girls’ softball team. A few months ago, I was contacted via Facebook from the catcher on that girls’ softball team – we’re talking about something that happened 35 years or so ago!  Lisa asked (via Facebook) if I was the Mrs. Cullinane who coached Parkdale’s softball team, and I said I was. She responded that she now lived in Florida – I told her I did too.  She said she lived in Palm Coast and was an Assistant Coach at FPC (Flagler Palm Coast High School). That’s where I live!

So, my husband and I went to watch the girls’ softball game and reconnect with Lisa.  It was fantastic.  Enthusiastic crowd, excellent playing (by both teams), a nominal fee to be a spectator, and so much fun to be around a group of talented and hard-working young athletes and a cheering crowd. If you’re looking for something fun and different to do, get out of your routine and go see what the younger generation is doing.  You won’t regret it.  And, thanks, Lisa, for contacting me!

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