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Jan presenting for AARP in Dublin, Ohio (Sept. 2013)



Five Retirement Planning Tips for Single Women (Steve Vernon, CBS Moneywatch)

Single women face significant retirement planning challenges, whether they've always been single or are now divorced or widowed. If you're a single woman, you'll be making most, if not all, of your financial planning decisions by yourself, so you're largely on your own to make sure you're financially secure during your retirement years. To do that, you'll want to learn as much as you can to make the best use of your financial and social resources.

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The Single Best Bit of $$ Advice for Single People (Bella DePaulo's "Living Single" blog at

How does it cost you financially to be single? A reporter at US News and World Report asked that question of our good friend Christina over at Onely, and wow, did she get an earful! Among the many examples Christina offered were these: •As a self-employed individual, she pays more for health insurance than she would if she were coupled, or if she had a spouse who had a plan that would cover her; •Couples can contribute to each other’s IRAs; singles have no comparable partners in retirement savings; •Married people often get bereavement leave for the close family members of both partners; she could not get a leave to go to her uncle’s funeral (if she went anyway, she would probably have to use up vacation days); •Health clubs and many other groups offer cheaper memberships to members of couples than to single people.

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Five Questions for Jan Cullinane on Single Women and Retirement (Mark Miller at

Women face distinct retirement-planning challenges, including higher longevity risk, less access to workplace retirement plans, and continued wage discrepancies. Now, author and retirement expert Jan Cullinane offers a book focusing solely on the issues and challenges confronting single women in retirement. The Single Woman’s Guide to Retirement (John Wiley & Sons) will walk you through the challenges of retired or pre-retired life, from managing your finances to staying healthy in body, mind, and spirit, dealing with divorce, and even looking for love or work. She also includes real-life stories of women who have gone through this critical life transition.

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New Retirement Guide for Single Women: A Practical New Guide (John Brady,

If you are one of the more than 25 million single women over 45 then you might appreciate a new and essential reference that just hit bookstores, “The Single Woman’s Guide to Retirement,” by Jan Cullinane. Many of our regular readers will recognize this name – Jan has been a frequent contributor to this site, both for her articles and for her many insightful additions to Blog posts and Discussion topics.

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How Single Women Can Thrive in Reirement (Daniel Bortz, US News and World Report)

While delivering talks to a variety of companies and organizations, retirement expert Jan Cullinane was approached by single women who told her they needed help. Some said they were "happily never married" and looking for a place to relocate. Others, who were widowed and looking for companionship, wanted tips on how to start dating again. Some were divorced but said their ex-husbands had done all of the financial planning, so they wanted advice on how to manage their money. After hearing these concerns echoed across the country, Cullinane decided to write AARP's The Single Woman's Guide to Retirement. She spoke with U.S. News about how women can make smart decisions on the path to financial stability, love, and self-fulfillment. Excerpts:

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